Saturday, 24 March 2012

Beauty of the beast.

Ever heard people say give a little and take a little? Well, this Saturday session proved to be one of these. To say we caught 15 between the two of us might sound a lot, but losing five egi's sure hurts anyone's wallet.

Will I do it again? Well, my answer to that is yes and no. Yes, because I landed 8 squids but losing 4 high quality egi's really digs into your wallet. After all I just mention it no less then second ago but here I am mentioning it again, so I hope you can really feel my pain. Although I must say, I don't believe it was all in vain, cos now I can give people advice on how to avoid such a financial downfall.

My new tactic is simple, use your best egi's to attract the squid and once they start to land or you feel that you have attracted a school of squid, start using your budget one's. Now, this tactic only applies to those who are familiar with their local fishing spot, as in you have a very good idea of the water depth and where about the seaweeds lie on the bottom. If you haven't figured that out yet, you should go with the budget egi's until you are familiar and then apply the tactic mentioned above. However, if money is not your issue, hell yeh use your Yamashita's, Yo-Zuri etc.

This is based on my personal experience as a land based innker, but if anyone else has another tactic I'll be happy to hear about it. Matter of fact, I will be conducting my own self experiment with few egi's to see if I can reduce the amount of egi's getting lost in the seaweed in my future blog. For example, I'll be posting some diagrams of what I might try before I had out and report on it's results and I hope this will help other land based innkers from losing their egi's.

Anyway enough of what I'm going to do, I hope you're having a great weekend n happy Innking!!

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