Monday, 2 April 2012

Midas touch and Hammer hand

Today's blog is about a two little boys who wanted to become a member of Innky Dasquid Adventure.

This story that I'm about to tell you started two days ago on a bright sunny day somewhere near Cronulla. Yes, there was a boy name Innky DaSquid, Hammer hand and Midas touch who all loved squid fishing. However, to be good at something it takes time, practice, and lots of reading. Fortunately, for Hammer hand and Midas touch, they had Innky DaSquid, who knew all about the art of squid fishing aka eging.

Jokes aside, for last two days I went out squidding with the boys to show them how it's done. And after $40 worth of squid jigs (egi) I now can say confidently, they are now what I would classify as level one Innkers.

Great BBQ boys!!

* Right - Great shot of Hammer hand by Midas touch on the right. Yep, you don;t wanna see his face.

* Left - Who freaking wears Burberry Polo shirt to squid fishing? FOB!

* I'd also like to thank Midas touch for saving my bag and T-shirt! Thank you so much, I just love it when my white T-shirt is soaked wet!!!

Weapon: Rapala T-Spec, Lox Iriduim Egi and some cheap a$$ rod and reel.

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